Where We Are

Technology advanced and we realised that there is no reason that we can't be based anywhere in the World. We use secure video chat, code repositories, Kanban boards, and continuous integration for transparent communication.

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Located in Helsinki

Although our studio is notably nomadic, in that we work globally with clients and partners from around the world, our studio is co-located at Microsoft Flux (a co-working hub for the startup community), and Vertical (a health and wellbeing accelerator) in Helsinki, Finland. We chose to work with these companies because they're passionate about the community, and are supportive of those who wish to make a positive impact in the world.


Why we chose Helsinki? Well, we've been visiting the city for many years, working with passionate and intelligent invididuals. Both Nokia and Aalto University are part of the bedrock of the city's thriving technology scene, where some of the most innovative and exciting technologies have emerged over the years, including modern mobile phone and communication technologies, as well as Linux, which powers the majority of the Internet and mobile devices.


That's part of the city's history. As for its present, more and more technology leading companies are extending into Helsinki year-on-year, with both software and hardware being fused at a grassroots level within the community. Married with this excellent engineering capability, is a strong history of design, and a good understanding of economics. We feel no project can thrive without these three pillars; art, engineering, and economics, and we base our studio on that foundation.