What We Do

We're creative technologists, with a wealth of practical experience in designing, developing, and delivering efficient and attractive projects.

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Creative technology


At Omnijar Studio we develop progressive web applications that are both responsive and accessible from the start. We use the latest web standards, designing with intuitive UX techniques for a smooth and lightweight result. We test for accessibility, we are security conscious, and we work to develop fast web experiences across every device.


Our mobile applications are efficient, built with the smallest footprint possible, and designed to use the best of the device they're running on. We use independent local encryption, and develop apps that we would want to use daily, with beautiful artwork, and graceful transitions. We don't believe they should just be vanity projects though; we make them practical, effective, and as easy to use as possible.


Our core web and enterprise services are built with scale and security in mind, with selective concurrency, immutable infrastructure, and hardened testing methodologies to make sure they'll last, are easy to maintain, and can grow with your organization. As always, full documentation comes as standard.


The embedded and IoT projects we've built are unbelievably small and efficient. We use micro-processor architecture from ARM and modern protocols for communication with fog computing to build efficient devices capable of longevity and portability.


What else do we do? Well, we focus on what we can bring value to, and if we can't, then we tend to know good people who can. We thrive in developing our core competencies by researching, experimenting, and prototyping new ideas in new areas, each week. We contribute to many community projects, and try to support the ecosystem in the best way we know how.